For most designers, “BUDGET” is a four-letter word. 


How many times have you sat down with your new client and asked, “Have you thought about what you are planning to invest in your furnishings” only to watch their eyes glaze over? 

Perhaps the scenario is turned around and the client asks you, “How much should I plan to spend on furnishings?” And then YOUR eyes glaze over.
OR worse, you skip the budget conversation altogether because you don’t know how to have this important conversation.

As a professional interior designer you are expected to know these things and be able to talk about it with confidence. 

When you do, you will gain trust and confidence from your clients from the very beginning. 

In this eCourse, I am going to share with you: 

  • The #1 mistake designers make when answering the budget question

  • My process for discussing, developing, and presenting a furnishings budget

  • Additional costs of projects you never want to forget

  • How to present the preliminary budget to your client

  • What to do when the budget exceeds your client’s wish list   

PLUS you’ll receive these tools for your business 

    1. Video/Audio lessons for on-the-go content 

    2. Printable “Typical Budgets” in Good-Better-Best format 

    3. Editable/Brandable “Budget Worksheets” to take to consultations.

    4. Real example projects with layouts 

    5. Vendor List categorized by budget

    6. My must-have “Consultation Worksheet” to help you nail your first meeting



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Designer's Oasis - Budgeting for Interior Deisgn