Mentor X Design

Interior Design Mentor Coach

Stop Going it Alone

Have you ever wished you had a more experienced interior designer to review your work before the big presentation?

What if you had a mentor that could help you troubleshoot a tricky kitchen or bath design?

Have you ever thought, “This would just be easier if I only could get a little help?”

It’s your time to shine!

Imagine having an interior designer with 10 years of professional experience (including a lot of kitchens and baths) to help you…

  • Consider your ideas so you can present your best ones with total confidence.

  • Brainstorm your way through those inevitable tricky situations so you can move ON.

  • Review your plans - because we ALL need a second set of eyes!

Interior Design Coaching

Hi I’m Kate.

I know what it feels like to be totally on your own. Six years ago I left my corporate interior design job at an architecture firm to launch my own design company.

I knew it was the right time, but the hardest part was no longer having a colleague whose shoulder I could tap whenever I had questions.

This is why I created Mentor X Design.

How it Works

Imagine having access twice a week - as needed - to get answers and get UNSTUCK!

  • Office Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am-2pm CST

  • Easily book 1 hour sessions online

  • Video conferencing with screen-sharing for easy communication

My Skill Set

  • Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Interior Design & Decor

  • Space Planning

  • Material Selections & Application

  • Lighting Design & Switching Plans

  • SketchUp Pro & Layout (Yes…I offer 1-on-1 tutoring)

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Business Operations & Planning

  • Branding and Graphic Design

Note - Even if you use a different software program such as Autocad or 20/20, I can still review your designs and make recommendations.

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