Kate Bendewald Interior Design - Designers Oasis - Design Mentor

Hi. I’m Kate.

I’m tired of solo-designers feeling alone.

Designer’s Oasis has been years in the making. I recognized that it can be a lonely landscape when designer’s choose to keep their ideas, resources, skills, and tricks tight-lipped.

Nobody ever sees the grit (there is always grit) that goes on behind the scenes.

Who do you turn to when you lack the confidence to show someone what you’re working on? (Yes I’m sure your mom/friends think your designs are great.)

But who will you go to, to get knowledge-based solutions and help shore up your biggest frustrations?

Designer’s Oasis is just that place. An Oasis. A sanctuary for you to learn, and most of all, build your confidence.

The Details

Over the last 10 years, Kate has built a career in interior design working on projects ranging from luxury residences in the Texas Hill Country, to public spaces for children like the Rose Andom Center and Denver Children’s Museum. She’s had projects from Alaska to South Carolina. Additionally, she has designed for many clients with special physical, mental, and emotional needs. 

Last year, 100% of her new clients were word-of-mouth referrals and over half of her clients were repeat clients, that not only love how she translates their ideas into reality, but also elevates the process into a true experience.

Kate grew up in a creative family and developed her technical skills while earning a degree in Interior Design from Texas State University. Today she’s married and a mother to two young daughters that constantly teach her better ways to live beautifully with children (and remind her why she chose to work for herself!)

Kate Bendewald Interior Design - Designers Oasis - Design Mentor